Phulukisa Health Solutions

Occupational and Wellness

Phulukisa Health Solutions (PHS) was established in 2014 to focus on delivering technology powered health services in an integrated fashion. We are a future driven cloud-based company with AI firmly as our backbone.

Our innovative use of available technological tools, integration with locally developed software and awareness of local conditions, makes a compelling turnkey solution that is ready to deploy on top of any legacy system.

Our patient-centric approach improves information ow and patient care through rapid and cost-effective medical screening that tracks trends and delivers electronic records.

We have a full suite of Occupational screening which allows electronic capturing and analysis of all faces in a real-time fashion. The solution is completely mobile and will selectively streamline your Health and Safety program, bring it seamlessly into 2020 and prepare it for the future.

Our Employment Wellness offering does a comprehensive NCD screen and includes the integrated imaging and lab work as well as mental health screening and support.