COVID-19 Solution

The Corona viral pandemic is proving to be the biggest existential threat to humankind since the World Wars. Effective management of this crisis will be the legacy of our generation.

While there can be no disputing the value of good personal hygiene, social distancing, isolation and effective therapies, early diagnosis is certainly the backbone of any therapeutic strategy. The challenge is the very subtle signs and symptoms that precede a carrier and eventual infected person.

By pouring over the latest papers which have documented the experience in Asia and now Europe, we have built an automated decision tool that would assist decisions around the need for testing. The rationale behind this is twofold.

  • While it may be ideal to test everyone with the slightest sign, there are simply not enough test kits available.
  • A carrier may not initially have symptoms or test positively, but this may change over the course of days or hours.

The rationale for making good decisions is that if we distribute the limited resources intelligently, containment of the infected and “flattening of the curve” will allow for medical resources to keep pace with the rate of the infected and prevent a catastrophe.

Our System ia as Eeffective as it is Simple.

It is a two-phase screening.

The first screen is 5 questions that are simple to follow – this could be done

  •  At home
  • Through a call centre
  • At a port of entry (like an airport) At an emergency room
  • Prior to reporting for duty at work

The outputs of this screening are simple and instructive.

  1. Test (go straight for swabbing).
  2. Don’t Test.
  3. Refer (for part 2 of our screening).

Part 2 of screening involves another set of 7 questions plus two extra inputs – Temperature and Oxygen Saturation These questions and inputs are simple and could be performed by ancillary staff or non-medical personnel.

The benefits of our system beyond the obvious is that

  • Automation of decisions allows for consistency – no decision fatigue on the part of health workers.
  • The burden of making difficult/ emotionally charged decisions doesn’t rest on the shoulders of the health workers.
  • The ability to easily scale will now manage the hysteria.
  • Can easily patch into existing call centres and app’s.
  • Will have the ability to manage enquiries anonymised or after an onboarding process (customer preference).
  • Geolocation capabilities will also allow available to allow auto population of heat maps that will allow tracking.
  • Nearest screening facilities will be presented to at risk patients.
  • Facial recognition software is an additional add-on if a customer would want.

We provide a full turnkey solution



Pricing is a factor of numbers needed to be screened and speed at which they needed to be screened. Screening takes no more than 5 minutes, and every station can process 10 clients per hour. Thus the amount of stations required is a factor of what the demand for screening is. Bespoke customizations are readily offered to meet customer expectations. There are options to purchase the service on a “per click” or per screened model. It could also be delivered on a license/ SaaS basis where limitless screening is allowed and the number of stations required is priced.

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COVID-19 Solution

Although not the focus during this Covid period, it should still be kept in mind as part of the greater employment wellness play especially the mental wellness aspect. Here we provide assessment and risking for the most common mental health aictions with virtual consultations that can be escalated or referred regionally if the need should arise.

1. Consulting Services

How to prepare in terms of signage and messaging to workforce and clients, spatial reconguration, hazard identication, risk assessment of workforce, training of team leaders.Engineering control solutions will also be shared.Reports are compiled, generated and available to either management or staff.

2. Screening and Testing services

This will include:

  • Entry and exit management of both workforce and customers
  •  Group thermal screening to identify at risk individuals on approaching
  •  Automated questionnaires with integrated sensors to identify high risk
  •  Isolation areas or pods and the equipping thereof
  • Training of staff to manage the screening process
  • Serological testing for staff upon return
  • Integrated PCR testing of at risk individuals with results in under an hour
  • Facial recognition biometrics to mitigate any surface contact/interface

3 . Wellness Services

We still have and offer screening for the most common lifestyle diseases as part of our wellness offering.

This includes:

  • Diabetes
  •  HIV and TB
  • Hypertension
  • Stroke risk
  •  Mental wellness
  •  Upper respiratory risk
  • Obesity
  • Vision and hearing screening

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We have various options available and look forward to engaging you on your organizations needs.

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