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Re-engineering, Health Access for the Entire Population

in an affordable and scalable way, using cloud-based technology to capture, store and automatically triage patient profiles.

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In the Cloud

Cloud-based and accessible patient profiles

Best Practice

Using existing guidelines to assess patient health and capture information


Automated decision making and triaging of clients


Empowering nursing staff to make informed decisions remotely


Patients can co-share their health records

Save Money

Better, more cost-effective healthcare

Transforming healthcare.

We are a group of professionals with a strong desire to transform healthcare using cloud enabled e-health solutions.

In partnering with Microsoft and IOT Solutions, we have developed a cloud-based program that captures patients’ biometric information and triages them automatically. Our intelligent programming takes common measurements and combines the results to deliver a computed risk-analysis of the most common diseases out there. The result is better, more cost-effective healthcare that provides analytics around efficiencies and productivity, and keeps customers engaged with improving their own health scores through curated advice.

  • An affordable digital primary healthcare tool for both private and public sectors
  • A comprehensive occupational health tool in the mining sector
  • Conceptualised and developed in South Africa
  • Phulukisa is an empowered proudly South African company with globally enabled partners
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A Changing Landscape.

Primary healthcare and the NHI can be made more accessible through the use of technology. The Phulukisa app allows primary healthcare workers to remotely manage patients. They can electronically capture patients’ medical information including weight, body mass index, and blood pressure using IoT sensors, and store these files on the Azure cloud platform. These metrics feed into an algorithm which will flag only abnormalities and help to triage and escalate serious conditions.

Phulukisa’s unique solution allows for patients to be assessed, records to be updated and automated in real time, and primary caretakers to make informed decisions on the spot. Our system will change the landscape of healthcare in South Africa and improve the health of workers and their families.

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Asses, automate, and empower

Record Keeping

Outstanding record keeping

Individual trends

View trends on an individual or aggregate level


Automated decision-making that alerts both the patient and the caregiver

Real time

Automated decision-making in real time when results are out of range


Local innovation at its best

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