Welcome to Phulukisa Health Solutions, we are re-engineering primary health access for the entire population in and affordable and scalable fashion.


Phulukisa is a black owned and managed company.

At it’s core is a group of experienced medical, financial and analytical individuals who have a strong desire to transform healthcare in the South African context.

Phulukisa has partnered with Microsoft to develop an end-to-end Occupational Health solution that delivers better, more cost-effective healthcare whilst giving analytics around efficiencies and productivity that has not been seen in this space before.

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  • To empower nursing staff to enable informed decisions to be taken remotely
  • To allow the application of existing guidelines in order to give a robust assessment of patient health.
  • Allows automated triaging of patients
  • Provides a complete occupational health solution where the client co-shares their own health records.


  • We are an empowered group of professionals in the e-health space
  • We have a bespoke solution for both NHI and the mining sector
  • It is a cloud-based program that takes biometric information from clients and triages them automatically.
  • In the setting of state health it is a good primary health care tool
  • In the setting of the mining sector it is an excellent and comprehensive occupational health tool
  • The solution was conceptualised and developed locally. It is innovation local development at its best

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